Student Videos

Learn More About the Movement Through Student Videos

Students of the Lycée Français de New York share their family stories, and reflect on the Movement's deeper connections to their lives.


"Young people voting is crucial for their own interests. If young people don't vote, then, they're not represented."   VIEW THE VIDEO +


"It made me find out who the first woman to vote in my family was and I realized that it was not as far back as I thought it was."   VIEW THE VIDEO +


"The measure of how many young people are voting is, in some ways, a benchmark for the health of a democracy."   VIEW THE VIDEO +


"For my mother, this question of having the right to vote was directly linked to this new nationality she had acquired and her new life in the US."   VIEW THE VIDEO +


"With the under representation of women and women of color in politics, I think it's really important to vote and to vote your conscience."   VIEW THE VIDEO +


"Voting is very important because History shows that sometimes hundreds of votes can change the tide of the outcome of a presidential election."   VIEW THE VIDEO +


"Discovering through my own family how I was linked to the fight for woman's suffrage really opened my eyes to this whole chapter of history I knew nothing about."   VIEW THE VIDEO +