Friends of Women Leading the Way

Thank you for your support!

Projects are only as strong as the friendswilling to believe in them.  Grateful thanks to all of you for that leap of faith and for so graciously lending support to this one.

Special Thanks To

Patrick Gannat Maria Frangos Patrick Pacheco Victoire Patouillard Jeff Rogers Zhora Tsouri Véronique Christory Catherine Redmond Sébastien Tomasini Damien Renon Eileen Costello Kevin Wood Leslie Wood  Marina Gannat  André Béziat  Carolyn O'Brien Mylène Ardid  Ashley Kaufman Robin Aufses  Robert Cenedella Liz Cenedella Vannina Boussouf Gaëlle Le Mercier Rossi  Kay Flavell Cécile Duquenne Michael Wolfson Cecilia Dupire Marlène Faraut Bryan Miller Rolla Boulad Caroline Flandrin John Tasevoli Isabelle Milkoff Arthur Plaza Marta Guitart Martine Lala Lupe Concannon  Judith Morris Chris Concannon Emile Warot Olympe Scherer   Maya Velez Thomas Phelps Elyssa Koepp Ariane Grossman Lâlé Ceylan Young Kim Ann Haskell Jack Powers Larissa Padden  Marc Rognon  John Lehmann-Haupt Virginia Teichner  Florence Reigner  Reem Renno Nancy Letts Marion Iglesias Emilie Grillo • Camille Barre Aude Fourmont Maud Léger Antoine Thiboult Harold Gretouce  Patrick Charles   Daphnée Marchini-Block  Virginie Danglades  Nicolas Jan