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Who's Behind the Project?

Website Credits
Vintage League of Women Voters Poster

Women Leading the Way Co-Chairs

Mireille Miller
Michael Sutula

Lycée Français de New York

Evelyne Estey, Head of School
Sean Lynch, Former Head of School
Elisabeth King, Director of Communications
Thierry Pourchet, Chief Financial and Operating Officer
Mireille Miller, Art Faculty
Jon Linn, Webmaster

Website Strategy / Design:  Juxta Digital

Michael Sutula, Strategy, Design & Communications
Scott Mele, Programming


Alejandra Lopez Kluger
Shari Lisa Piré

Video:  Women Leading the Way

Will Speck

Social Media Associate

Elisa Kluger

The painting Women Leading the Way: Suffragists & Suffragettes, its interactive version and all representations used in the website, collateral and PDFs copyright Mireille Miller.  Vintage Suffrage Movement images courtesy The Library of Congress and Smithsonian American Art Museum.