Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the project?  Find answers in the FAQs below.

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+ -What is the Project "Women Leading the Way"?
Women Leading the Way is a call to join in the centennial celebration of women's suffrage. It is a class project, based on the painting: Women Leading the Way: Suffragettes & Suffragists, designed to engage high school students to explore the fundamental human right to vote, and geared to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration between teachers.
+ -Who can participate in the Project?
This project is open to all classes of high school students and their teachers in the United States and its territories, who are in grades 9-12 during the 2018-2019 school year.
+ -What is the difference between the registration form and the submission process?
Filling out the registration form lets us know that you and your school are committing a class to the project. You need to register to be part of the project. The submission process is the final phase of the project. Team Leaders will send an electronic file of one student's work selected to represent their school in the national poster exhibition.
+ -Why is it required to register this school year when the project will take place next school year?
Two reasons: a) We want to ensure that we reach our goal of getting no less than 100 schools to participate in this historic Centennial celebration. b) To give you, Teachers, ample time to review materials and plan ahead how best to integrate the project in your curriculum.
+ -What if I registered an entire class or one single grade level early on in the registration process and decided to do the project with another grade level later on? What should I do?
No problem. Just send us an email and let us know.
+ -How do I know if my school will be represented in the exhibition? And how is the student selected?
Every school committed to the project will be represented in an exhibition. Schools will also be responsible for selecting a student to represent them.
+ -Can individual students participate or does it have to be an entire class or grade?
This project is meant to be a national community project. An entire class or grade can hopefully participate but it can also be done as an elective with a smaller group of students.
+ -Can I register my class if I teach Elementary or Middle School?
No. Although the project can and has been adapted to younger students in the past, the activity set, proposed for the centennial celebration of women's suffrage, was designed specifically for high school students.
+ -Is this project for female students only or can male students participate as well?
Voting rights concern all citizens regardless of gender. This project is unequivocally open to all!
+ -Is it required that 2 or 3 teachers lead the project within each school?
Preferably, as the project was conceived to foster and strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration, but teachers know best what their situation permits.
+ -How is the Leading Team defined?
Ideally, the Leading Team is composed of 3 teachers (History, English or ELA, and Art). Among those, one should be designated Team Leader. The Team Leader will act as the project coordinator responsible for registering the school's entry into the project, and for submitting the work representing the school at the completion of the project.
+ -Does the timeline need to be followed exactly?
The timeline proposed is a suggestion. You may choose your own timetable. However, Registration and Submission are firm deadlines.
+ -Why is it called a National Poster Exhibition? Will the show travel?
The National Poster Exhibition refers to the fact that Schools nationwide will be represented in this historic centennial celebration of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, making this, a national community project. The National Poster Exhibition will be held in New York City. Details on the – venue, date and opening reception – to follow at a later date.
+ -Are schools to contribute financially to the National Poster Exhibition?
No. The Lycée Français de New York is the project's sponsor and will finance the cost of printing and framing of 100 posters for the National Poster Exhibition.
+ -My school may not have the resources to print large posters for the local display of our students' work. What do you suggest?
It is important that each school, according to their available means, find a way to display their students' work. Posters need not be printed; they may be scaled down in size, and layouts could simply be beautifully done by hand, through a cut-and-paste method, making each one an original creation.