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What People Are Saying About Women Leading the Way: Suffragists & Suffragettes

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Response to the Painting

Response to the Painting
Women Leading the Way: Suffragists & Suffragettes portrays the women leaders of an international suffrage movement and provides an essential record of their extraordinary struggle to secure voting rights for all women.

"Mireille Miller's work is extraordinary, and such a wonderful tribute to the lives and sacrifices of so many women."

Ken Burns, Filmmaker


"The piece is beautifully done. It's immensely difficult to pull off a 'tribute' concept featuring lots of portraits in a single composition...but this is a vibrant and well-executed work."

Patricia Peyser, PhD, Art Advisor


"NCWO is indeed grateful for this unique and beautiful celebration of the historic women who fought and are still fighting for gender equality in America."

Susan P. Scanlan, Chair of National Council of Women's Organizations


"This is such an important and ambitious project."

Stephanie Cassidy, Archivist and Editor of LINEA, The Art Students League of New York


"The subject matter and quality of artwork is most impressive and relevant to the important work carried out by the United Nations"

Shashi Tharoor, former Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information, UN HQ


"The exhibition of your triptych Leading the Way: A tribute to women of the 20th Century as part of our commemoration of six decades of women’s leadership truly captured the spirit of the United Nations’ work towards gender equality, development and peace. Your artwork enhanced the message of the role of women’s leadership in our commemoration of the work of the Commission. As you know, we will also present the exhibit at the Palais des Nations in Geneva in July during the meetings of the Economic and Social Council."

Carolyn Hannan, Director, Division for the Advancement of Women, UN HQ


"The painting, in its portrayal of the women whose contributions to suffrage we can identify, mirrors one of the core principles of Pen and Brush’s* belief that only through the weight of numbers can the case be made that women in all their diversity came together for one common goal, having the right to vote.

The visual impact of the piece gives it its power - to show the extent of support for this right and its continued ability to attract new supporters until the goal was reached. Placing all these women in the same portrait in a way that compresses time creates a great visual - one that makes it easy to understand that their achievement depended on the commitment of women through the years, to keep building on even small victories. It’s a history lesson that introduces many women we mostly know nothing about. Sparking interest in them and encouraging exploration about who they were and what their role was is a very important contribution to students of all ages to understand how rights come to be and how hard won some of the important ones are."

Janice Sands, Executive Director, Pen+Brush