Who's Participating in the Project

Join us now, and become a part of this historic project!  We look forward to your participation.

To view the list of participants in Women Leading the Way, place your cursor over each of the states highlighted in gold.

Who is Participating?

Tami Sandberg Thakrar
Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, TX

Kathryn Gullo
ArTES Magnet High School, CA

Jessica Holland
Awty International School, TX

Dawna Cyr
Bonny Eagle High School, ME

Margaret Lane
Castilleja School, CA

Alix Laforest
Dallas International School (DIS), TX

Catherine Stines
Darrow School, NY

Christine Boos Knudsen
Fair Lawn High School, NJ

Lauren Logan
Fort Lauderdale High School, FL

Nicole Matino
Glens Falls High School, NY

Megan Schonhar
Greer Middle College, SC

Scott Brown
Henry Clay High School, KY

Ms. Caitlin Slegr
Immaculate Heart High School , CA

Karine Descormes
Ischs, FL

Jessica Holden
Loyola School, NY

Perrine Domaine
Lycée Francais de Chicago, IL

Mireille Miller
Lycee Francais de New York, NY

Lycée Français de New York, NY

Marjorie Decriem
Lycée international de Los Angeles , CA

Alyson Battistel
Milwaukie High School, OR

Glenn P Stordeur
Notre Dame School of Manhattan, NY

Aaron Sherman
Rutherford B. Hayes High School, OH

Peter Turner
Rye Country Day School, NY

Serene Williams
Sacred Heart Preparatory, CA

Laura Grantmyre
Saint Mary's School, NC

David Hickey
The Stony Brook School, NY

Margherita Wischerth
Townsend Harris High School, NY

Ricardo L. Calderón
United Nations International School, NY

Andrea Gambino

Rebecca Richter
Xavier College Preparatory, AZ

Gina Nunez
Xavier College Preparatory, AZ

Ileen Welty
Xavier College Preparatory, AZ