Emma Anderson

Loyola School | New York, NY | 9th

Historical Figure I Admire
Františka Plamínková

Letter to a Younger Self –

Dear Fifteen-Year-Old Self,

Let me tell you something-you're doing a fantastic job so far. Please keep it up. I promise you, if you continue to focus on your studies, you will do amazing things in life. 

Looking back on this life, I have put my best effort into making Czechoslovakia and the world a better place for women. Also, avoid the men-horrible, I know! Trust me, do not waste your time on a man whom you will only have children with. Go outside, live your life, make society change for the better. I gave up on finding a man, so instead I channeled that love and passion into politics.

You are going to spend endless hours in the Prague City Hall, so be sure to be prepared for that! You are going to change the lives of many women and will gain great authority and respect through your future positions in the Municipal Council, Legislative Assembly, the Czechoslovakian Senate, and the first chair of the Czech Council of Women. You are even going to win the Order of the Gold Star (which is a HUGE deal!). Isn't that weird to imagine? It certainly does not feel real at all. 

When I look back on my  life, I see the amazing moments I spent with family and friends, and how happy and accomplished I felt after becoming one of Czechoslovakia's most influential suffragettes. Trust me, you might not have too much time for yourself, but you will feel absolutely spectacular after using that spare time for the people – the women who need a better world. What I am saying is, don't let those burdens in life weigh you down. They're not worth it compared to all the work you can do. Change the world, be yourself. Your charismatic character is what is going to allow you to rise up in the ranks in Prague City Hall.

Do not let anyone change you, and do not waste your time on people and situations which are not going to get you anywhere. Remember to value your amazing family and friends–they definitely give you that extra boost in life. Overall, work hard, play hard. You are amazing, and will continue to accomplish phenomenal feats. I love you.

Your Older Self,



Inspirational Family Member
Marian Anderson

A Poem about Marian Anderson

There's a story I have to tell. One preserved in time. Like many small stitches embroidered into a quilt woven with stories so intricate that you have to see, hear, touch, experience to remember.  

My aunt's name is Marian Anderson. No, not the singer. But one who has sung a song that cannot be otherwise sung.

She was the oldest daughter. She, too, had a childhood. One she should have been allowed to live for a longer time. But these obstacles could not stop her from achieving so much.

She is a mother. But she also was a mother. Her father passed away when she was merely a teen. Which left her feeling lost, sad, hopeless. But it did not stop her.

She helped raise my father and aunts and uncles. My poor grandma ridden with depression was also lost, sad and hopeless. But she trusted my aunt and did her best to stay strong.

And even though she was broken, she would pick up the pieces. She could still help.  Marian was a mother ripped of her childhood. But, she still had a family, a passion, an education, a strong spirit that wouldn't let her quit.

They did not know if they could make it. Maybe they would flee to Ireland. Find family.  Find help. But their home was Woodside. She knew her roots, and she stood strong. My aunt Marian is an inspiration to me, my family, and everyone.


What the Project Means to Me

Roots  - A poem about Marian Anderson, continued

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