Alison Moon

Immaculate Heart High School | Los Angeles, CA | 9-12th Grade

Historical Figure I Admire
Amelia Earhart

Born on July 24, 1897, in Atchison, Kansas, Amelia Earhart resided with her wealthy grandparents during the school year and struggled with familial issues as her father was an alcoholic who had difficulty maintaining a job and supporting the family (“Amelia Earheart”). Even when she was young, she shared boyish characteristics such as her preference for pants over skirts and never perceived women as subordinate to men (“Inspiration to Generations”). She was forced to leave college early in order to serve in World War I as a nurse’s aide. This experience earned her an elite position at the Spadina Military Hospital in Toronto, Canada where she assisted patients with everyday tasks such as bathing and feeding. Her experience traveling on a plane for the first time was extremely thought-provoking and positive in that she immediately earned her license in piloting from the National Aeronautic Association in 1921 (“Amelia Earhart”). This event changed her life significantly as it helped her to discover a profession that she was passionate about. As a result of this event, she became the first woman to ever fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean earning her extreme fame while ensuring confidence in others around her that it is important to choose a career that they are interested in rather than out of necessity. For Earhart, flying was an expression of liberty from her troubles as well as an act of equality as piloting was mainly reserved for men (“Inspiration to Generations”).
Earhart was an extremely passionate feminist in that she publicly advocated for equal rights of women, even though it resulted in criticism from her society. Her flying career and her commitment to her beliefs continue to motivate the global female population (“Inspiration to Generations”).  One of her later goals involved circumnavigating the globe in which she failed once and disappeared the second time she attempted (“Disappearance”). The ceaseless pursuit of her dreams illustrates her ambitious personality and further emphasizes her ability to disregard their failures. This journey eventually led to her disappearance but the legacy she leaves behind continues to affect the lives of many females to this day.

The works and accomplishments of significant women leaders throughout society have made immense changes within each industry (“Inspiration for Women”). They demonstrate their ability to exceed social or technical limits preventing them from reaching their goals. Moreover, most women figures throughout history are aware that they are representing the female population which motivates them to work harder towards a specific purpose. Earhart’s achievements allow us to celebrate her for her bravery and attempt similar endeavors in the near future. Her daring spirit of adventure drove her to make such explorations around the world while also breaking down the social barrier separating women from men.

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