United Nations International School

Abby MacPhail, Lead Teacher

New York, NY | 7th

"Doing this project has been an excellent experience for the students involved in the project. It led them to think about the importance of voting and to engage in a conversation about this topic with their grandmothers for the first time. It also allowed them to develop their oral history skills."


My Grandmother

My Grandmother

By Mikayla Rose Pyke-Sharpe

My grandmother believes that voting is not dependent on the party but on what that individual can do for you, especially for women.   READ MORE +


My Grandmother

My Grandmother

By Aliya Hinton

At school, her interests were limited by their rule that made boys learn how to woodwork, while she and the girls focused on cooking and knitting.
My Great-Grandmother

My Great-Grandmother

By Prachi Roy

Her favorite thing to do now is to recite poetry flawlessly and tell the stories that she remembers to her family.

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