St Cecilia Academy

Sister Miriam Kopenhafer, Lead Teacher

Nashville, TN | 11th Grade

"Many of the students commented on their final exam that this project was one of the highlights of the year for them. "



Jayla's Grandmother

Jayla's Grandmother

By Jayla Williams-Ridley, Margaret McGee & Ronice Dube

My grandmother is a female figure that has taught me to stand up for myself and voice my opinion because it does matter.   READ MORE +


Alice Paul

Alice Paul

By Helen Anderson, Elise Durelli, Sarah Davis, Fatima Ortiz Andrade & Julia Cragon

The ability to vote means that we can express our opinion and hopefully plan for a future that not only benefits ourselves but also future generations.
Jane Addams

Jane Addams

By Cate Goodrum, Allison Owem, Alexandra Bennett, Isabel Hall & Natalie Hernandez

You, as an American citizen, have the right to vote when you turn eighteen. Use it! Not everybody can have a voice in the government.

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