Poultney High School

Janet Chandler, Elizabeth LeBrun, Linda Paquette and Melissa Kristiansen

Elizabeth LeBrun, Lead Teacher

Poultney, VT | 11th-12th Grade

"The project was an empowering experience because it brought together a group of ten young women from different social groups with different interests and they worked together to create a piece of art with a powerful and relevant message."



Edna Fairbanks-Williams: Poverty Fighter

Edna Fairbanks-Williams: Poverty Fighter

By Vivian Nikolic, Krista Boudreau, Cassie Dupont, Iris O’Brien / Baylee Ickes, Katarina Scribner, Montana Stomski, Anita Wiiliams, Chelsea Parker

As a young woman, I am personally inspired by my great-grandmother's story, not just because she's my great-grandmother, but because she was willing to do whatever it took to do what was right. By Katarina.   READ MORE +

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