Notre Dame School of Manhattan

Glenn P. Stordeur - Lead Teacher

Glenn P. Stordeur, Lead Teacher

New York, NY | 10th Grade

"It was a wonderful experience. Most of the students were unfamiliar with the history of the Suffrage Movement and were thrilled to learn about role models and visionaries that they could draw inspiration from throughout the course of their own experiences with activism."



By Brigid McCabe

Listening to my grandma tell her story was so special, I was able to learn about and get close to her.   READ MORE +

By Cecilia Fiorinado

Historical pioneers like Louise Weiss and strong women like my mom, who use their voices to make an impact, remind me of how important it is to speak up for the issues we care about, especially to help those who do not have a voice in our society.   READ MORE +

By Emma Vasey

When I vote, I am going to vote for a candidate who is passionate about what I am passionate about in politics.   READ MORE +

By Jackie Driscoll

I really enjoyed this project. I got to learn so much about the brave and selfless women who made great sacrifices for women's suffrage.   READ MORE +

By Kamila Jablonowski

When I asked my mom about voting, she always told me about the value of togetherness and standing up for what you believe in.   READ MORE +

By Lily Notes

When doing this piece the purpose of this project became clear to me. No matter how small the effort or how big, change can come about!   READ MORE +

By Rachel Raslowsky

Learning about the different suffragettes and hearing my mom's view on voting reminded me how important women's votes are. We now have the power to change our country.   READ MORE +


By Alice Newman

Voting is a way to show your opinion and help change the WORLD...

By Carina Parker

Interviewing my sister and reading about suffragists such as Bertha Lutz reminded me how truly important strong women are.

By Carolyn Thornbury

Both Lady Constance and my mom have inspired me to be a leader and raise my voice when I see injustices!

By Cate Schoenberg

After looking at all these women who made such a difference by speaking up, I realized that to make a difference, we need to raise our own voices!

By Cecelia Horrigan

My mother felt empowered when she cast her ballot for female presidential nominee Hilary Clinton in the 2016 United States presidential election.

By Emily Chan

No matter who you are, you can lead others in what you believe in.

By Emma Esposito

I believe that an education is vital for all women in the world, so that they aren't oblivious to the unjust corruption of a patriarchal, anti-feminist government capable of violating our most basic human rights.

By Eva Schoneman

I really love having a connection to a woman like my great-grandma, who's still alive, because she teaches me so much.

By Fiona Sargent

My mom has voted in every local, state, and federal election since she turned 18. She believes voting is vital to our country and its future, and values the impact her vote makes!

By Giovanna McCue

It was very interesting to research women who fought and utilized the right to vote. Voting is an integral part of our democracy!

By Julia Hasou

My Mom is not able to vote in America but has always had great experiences in Canada.

By Kaitlyn Leahy

In 1917, my great-grandma was 21 and old enough to vote. She was among the first women with the right to vote but on election day, her father would not allow his wife and children to vote.

By Lilly Yozzo

I never realized how many women played a role in giving us a right to vote.

By Mia Valente

My aunt Helen was the youngest elected city council at large in the state of New Jersey. Since she was a woman, people told her not to run but she never gave up.

By Sophia Gregory

Being able to learn about amazing women in history was a great experience. Women don't get a lot of credit and I am inspired by them to want to advocate for women's rights.These suffragettes make me proud to be a woman.

By Sophie Dreeke

Women have impacted the world so much and many times it goes unnoticed because of the restriction of gender. It is inspiring having an active role in voting, and inspiring supporting other women to vote. It is important for this generation's feminists to encourage more women to vote and enact change.

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