Castilleja School

Dr. Heather Allen Pang, Lead Teacher

Palo Alto, CA | 8th

"Student collaboration and design work on the posters was the best part. They realized they had to work together and design something that really showcased their drawings and the research to teach people about their suffragist."



Alice Paul

Alice Paul

By Caitlyn, Julia, Perry, Chole & Emma

While researching women suffragists, I was able to realize how important my vote really is. My political representatives should reflect my community's values, ideologies, and beliefs.   READ MORE +


Mary Church Terrell

Mary Church Terrell

By Maddie, Olivia, Joanne, Detter, Tsang & Zhao

Researching Mary Church Terrell helped open up our eyes to the African-American women who were overcoming racial and gender barriers to vote.
Sarah Moore Grimké

Sarah Moore Grimké

By Greta, Tanvil & Yael

Researching about Sarah Moore Grimké was an amazing way for us to learn more about our history as females in the United States and about African-American enslavement.
Mo Ching Chen

Mo Ching Chen

By Krisaana & Olivia

To have someone in my family who has worked hard in this long and never-ending fight for the rights and respect for women is truly an honor.

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