Audubon Charter School

Christophe LeCoquen, Lead Teacher

New Orleans, LA | 8th Grade

"It was a great experience, although we were a little short on time. For the students it was an awakening to the fact that women’s suffrage was not that old — but recent. Many of the students became more connected with their family’s history with parents playing an active role in research."



Lucy Burns

Lucy Burns

By Lucy Gagon, Anya Grenda & Ella Forest

It is insane that it took so long for the simple right to vote to be accessible to women and I would like to see more rapid changes in the year to come.   READ MORE +


Olivia Ledet

Olivia Ledet

By Olivia Brock, Anyssa Williams & Juliana McPhail

This project was a wonderful insight into the rich history of women’s suffrage.
Olga Blanc

Olga Blanc

By Liam Whittle, Diego Garcia & Ronan Basik

When the Second World War ended in 1945, women were allowed to vote in France.

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